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Branding, the search for your happiness


29 September 2015 at 6:00, by

mood-girl-dress-color-hands-smile-summer-umbrella-umbrella-happiness-freedom-freedom-openness-warmth-plants-nature-field-sun-sky-clouds-background-freedomCompanies don’t just want to win us over with their products, they have an even harder task: they need to make us, the consumer, happy, as this will guarantee their success and help us trust in a their specific brand long-term.

Our happiness is based on specific moments; the aim is to make different items and services become a part of these moments in our life. How? Using comforting experiences that make us feel better but without relying on viral sentimentalities. As Campaign Live points out, a “moment” of maximum happiness – whatever its nature – comes about when a situation exceeds all expectations.

Companies also need to consider the timeless nature of our wellbeing. In other words, we can be happy because of what’s happening at this precise moment, because of something that happened in the past or something we are looking forward to in the future. Therefore, they must aim to remain in the collective imagination of their target public in at least one of these time periods.

It sounds good in theory, but can be hard to put into practice. Fast Company feels that if a company follows these 6 steps they can make their clients happy:

1) Create expectation. In the communication world this is known as tempting the public, building up anticipation. Capture their attention by using enigmatic, mysterious campaigns that lead to a full fanfare final launch. Apple and Google are experts at this.

2) The power of seduction. When we are hungry and someone places our favourite food in front of us we can’t help but lick our lips. The same applies in the marketing world. Any attractive experience needs to be sold in a way that the consumer can’t imagine their life without that service or product.

3) Added/special value. Brands can work on this point whichever way they prefer, but what is essential is that what they offer is different, innovative and breaks the rules. In other words, whatever service or item they are offering must be well worth the wait, and not necessarily be more expensive because of it.

4) The surprise factor. Inline with the last point, we shouldn’t feel indifferent with our purchase. To the contrary we should be gobsmacked with it. Design and function play a massive role when creating the element of surprise.

5) Planning. Timing is everything. For our experience with an item or service to be satisfactory, in some ways it must be told like a story, with an introduction a climax and an end. The end is essential as it’s what we will remember, so it must meet all our initial expectations.

6) Impact. Goes hand in hand with the fourth point. The item or campaign must awaken new, unfamiliar desires within us. If what is being sold lifts us out of our everyday drudgery and breaks the routine, we will be a step closer to happiness.

Brands have finally realised that, if they want to keep us happy, appealing to our emotions is as important, if not more important than the commercial aspect, this gives them a new challenge: happiness is not just an emotional state, it is a requirement when selling to and dealing with clients.



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