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The Internet of Things in the hotel sector, a new technological challenge

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22 September 2015 at 6:00, by

internet_de_las_cosasFor many the Internet of Things (IoT) may seem like science fiction, but the reality is that it’s been with us for years already, defining the connection between objects and the Internet, and its potential is growing by the minute, it will soon become a competitive differentiator in the tourism sector. Everyone has a mobile phone, probably even a smartphone that connects to the Internet, who would have thought it just decades ago? Add to this the boom in wearable tech: Apple watches, Google glasses, more than just a watch or glasses, their connection to the internet means we can be connected to everything, specially our data. The Internet of Things allows each object to maintain its appearance, but to become personal to the user and the use he gives it. The possibilities are as powerful as they are endless, we can control our pulse, but similar technology that is linked to the Internet of Things, allows us to monitor a transaction from thousands of kilometres away.

In the hotel sector, investment in technology has become a sign of quality. Today’s hyper-connected client needs and requires more all the time. The higher connection speeds reached with 4G and fibre optics and the exponential multiplication of personal devices are unstoppable trends that we can’t fight against, an ABI report estimates that in five years time there will be nine devices connected to the Internet for every person.

Right now we can already use our smartphone as a key in some top hotels, these also use tablet and apps for booking the services they offer, so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to expect to control the temperature, light or water, or even add a special drink to the minibar before even checking in. IoT isn’t just an exclusive or personalised service, the hotel can also benefit from the client’s experience, they will get to know their habits and tastes, key to converting them into a returning customer and ambassador for the establishment. The possible benefits derived from the IoT applications in hotels are mainly based on the degree the hotel relates to its clients and participates in social networks.

An investment in technology supposes better efficiency and other improvements but this does not mean we can afford to lose the human touch. Clients want to interact with people as well as the establishment, allowing an even more personalised service. When a hotel company connects their devices, sensors, software, services, etc. if doesn’t only benefit the guest, it is gaining an advantage over its competitors.

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