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Branding, a standout strategy (II)


20 October 2015 at 6:00, by

Engagement InnwiseIn a previous post we discussed the importance of using our brand as a strategy to help us stand out from the competition, and that we must have a clear objective based on our best attributes so that we can connect with our target market, standing out, but always remaining faithful to who we are.

Another character now emerges on the scene… Engagement. What is engagement?

It is the commitment between the brand and the user; it is how companies can generate a stronger bond with their fans. It is the degree to which the user interacts with a brand.

If we encourage loyalty and motivation, our client will feel a part of our brand, they will defend it, and they will go on to recommend it to others.

Having “engaged” clients is something money can’t buy; with time they will start promoting it themselves.

Brands can be found in the same digital spaces where we find potential consumers, therefore companies need to make the effort to talk to, attract, seduce and understand them, creating commitment between the user and our brand.

Here are some Engagement strategies:

1) Talk with your users

  • It is vital that they do not feel overlooked.
  • Answer all your messages; let the user see you take the time to elaborate a good answer. The answer shouldn’t just be a standard template, but personalised, according to each case.
  • Constantly look for ways to talk with them, don’t wait for them to contact you.
  • Questions are a great way to encourage engagement, ask their opinion, and let your users share their stories with the community. The content we generate must be well thought out, with the aim of initiating conversations.

2) Define your personality

  • Your users will be more engaged with your brand if they feel they are talking to a person, not a corporation.
  • Make sure your image and conversation style are consistent.
  • Conversation should be natural; make sure your users don’t feel that you are constantly trying to sell them things.

3) Generate interesting content

  • Your users expect to read relevant content.
  • Gauge the content your users enjoy the most, this way you can generate content that ensures engagement.
  • Content that creates bonds with your users will help form better quality communities, pages with more likes, brands with more followers, content that is shared more, basically, more engaged users.
  • The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful page is user interaction and participation.
  • We must be able to get a good position based on our content, generate value and create a brand.

4) Invest in influencers

  • In today’s online environment, thanks to their great influencing power among very segmented audiences, twitters and bloggers have become very important for brands.
  • Influencers are people who know their way around this environment and are able to mobilise opinion and generate reactions when talking about a specific action. An influencer must have a relevant audience; one of the features that define them is how involved they are in the conversation.
  • We need to pick influencers that are truly relevant to our brand, capture their attention and interest, and then measure and evaluate the return on their action.
  • Their role can be strategic when launching products, promoting and distributing content, organizing events and crisis management.

Engagement is not measured by Likes; rather it is measured by the level of interaction with your brand. Clicking “Like” and having an actual conversation with a brand are not the same thing.

When a user interacts with your brand they are taking the time and effort to say that they are enjoying the experience you are offering, that’s where the real value lies.



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