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17 November 2015 at 6:00, by

photo-1429279905410-894d3980828bThe way we relate to clients and potential clients has changed, and the new communication and broadcasting methods that we use don’t just require a new format when it comes to publicity, but also new content that attract users and consumers at a glance.

According to Marketo, consumers don’t like brands using the same marketing strategies that they have used for decades; they want things to be personalised. Campaigns that attempt to reach the largest number possible of people with the same message are not popular these days. It may not always be possible in this Internet era, but the aim of all successful advertising is to create one advert that attracts everyone, and some months ago Rocket Fuel, a company specialising in advertising set out to discover what kind of travel adverts generate the most interest.

After analysing nearly 2 billion impressions resulting from 266 different travel agency campaigns, that were developed between November 2013 and June 2014, they were able to put together a guide that can optimise an advert’s creativity, the guide includes what they feel are the main features needed to attract traveller’s attention:

  • Specify the length of the trip
  • Use images of people
  • Incorporate the price of the trip and some kind of offer
  • Use a blue background
  • Include animation
  • Incorporate “Find Yours” as a call to action

Adverts that include the length of the trip came up with the not so trivial amount of +227% more conversions than those that didn’t! However, it was not something most advert creators opted for as it was only used in 11% of the cases studied. Showing or suggesting the length of the trip had excellent results, maybe because when doing this the holiday becomes something that can be quantified and planned.

On the other hand, while travel ads with people were less frequent, they obtained a higher average conversion rate (+ 152%). Adverts that include people encourage travellers to imagine themselves there, in that future holiday destination. However, this doesn’t apply to all types of travel adverts, as it would seem that, when it comes to airlines, adverts have a higher conversion rate when there are no people involved.

If we want make the advert even better it is helpful to include the price of the trip or some kind of offer that, together with messages highlighting the need to book or request information as soon as possible, becomes the best call to action.

Going back to the visual aspect, including interactive or animated elements will capture attention and make our advert stand out. Even though the selection of colours is almost endless, it would seem that publicity with the highest conversion rate always has blue as a background, maybe because it reminds us of the sea and summer holidays.

These tips can help us to improve our advertising conversion rates for services and products within the tourist sector, but always remember, less is more, the user doesn’t want to be assaulted with the same advert time and time again, remember also that the content is just as important as the design, the traveller must find it interesting.



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