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Black Friday comes to tourism


9 December 2015 at 6:00, by

New_Cannon_Street_Mall_Manchester_ArndaleEven though this phenomenon only arrived in Spain some years ago, it has already become an expected and inevitable event for the commercial and service sectors. Black Friday has become a key date on the calendar for all sectors when it comes to essential marketing.

It has gained more followers, slowly but surely, and these are eager to take advantage of the discounts available on this day to get their Christmas shopping off to a good start. A study by shows that this year 88% of Spaniards planned to purchase something on this day, the average forecast expenditure was to be around 200 euros. According to ADigital data, sales will increase by 10.4% from last year, the total figure being around 1.172 million euros.

Seeing the popularity of Black Friday, travel agencies and hotels have incorporated discounts this year too, the date has become a real forerunner for Christmas, thanks to how well it has been accepted and the results obtained in the retail sector. In the e-commerce tourism sector, earnings of around 256 million euro are expected, thanks to Black Friday campaigns.

The seductive power of Black Friday discounts are on a par to the sales, and different sectors have put together campaigns to attract, and keep client’s attention during the longest period possible, with offers on the days running up to the date itself, as well as flash offers, limited offers, etc.


TUI España, Viajes Carrefour and Viajes El Corte Ingles are some of those who have made a debut this Black Friday, offering discounts on reservations made during the day, in the case of TUI and Carrefour, and giving 100 euro discount vouchers for future holidays, in the case of El Corte Ingles. Online agencies like Muchoviaje also offered tasty discounts; up to 50% off bookings made on Black Friday. Among the hotel chains, Hoteles Santos offered a discount of up to 30% off bookings made on the Friday, for stays until the 31st of December 2016, and Meliá offered up to 35% off selected destinations, such as Madrid, New York or London.


Black Friday is not just about offers, it is a great way to promote a brand: our followers, who long to make use of a product or service, and are waiting for the price to go down to do so, will be watching us with baited breath, and a good price will always attract new clients, giving us a chance to show them what we are like, and form a bond with them that goes beyond the offer.

A good marketing campaign is essential, as well as a substantial investment, the most popular advertising, that seems to work really well for this kind of promotion, where the aim is to reach the greatest number of people possible, is email marketing, this will encourage the clients and potential clients on our lists, but social networking and advertising on search engines are a great way to reach new clients.

We need to bear in mind the avalanche of work that our offer may cause, not just at an infrastructure or staff level. Creating waiting lists for a product or offering promotions or segmented suggestions are some options to help keep the client satisfied, not just with the price, but also the service, encouraging them to come back.

Next year’s Black Friday is sure to have even more tourism companies taking part.



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