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Travelling in 2016


9 December 2015 at 10:00, by

photo-1429260350537-7db124ce78acWith the year coming to an end, now is the time to come up with our New Year resolutions, where are we going or, where would we like to go? Travel trends for 2016 are proof of how the travel industry evolves every year, letting us opt for specific destinations and segments.

New experiences

Those who travel for pleasure, holidays, today, are completely different from travellers of a just a decade ago. A radical change, thanks in great measure, to different technological advances, and the fact that the world is now seen as a “global village”, where it is becoming ever harder to find new experiences.

Therefore, for some time now, travellers have gone in search of unique experiences, adventures that stray from the normal tourist path. During TBEX’15, an event in the USA that unites travel bloggers and content creators, an analysis was made of the most sought after destinations by Americans for the upcoming year, a list of destinations that connect with this search for personal experiences emerged; Iceland, China, Japan, and New Zealand came top of the list. In a recent travel trend report, Booking also discusses more daring trips, searching for hidden sceneries, mentioning some interesting destinations such as Cuba or Iran, among others, due to their having opened up recently.

So far yet so near

As we can see this trend means that travellers cover longer distances to enjoy their holidays, transoceanic holidays are the norm for 2016. More American and Australians visit Europe all the time, and more Europeans are travelling to Asia; Sri Lanka and Myanmar being the “in” destinations.

And of course those who opt for more urban destinations like Europe aren’t content with the run of the mill cultural and tourist attractions available in the big cities, we must welcome to the scene what the World Travel Market calls “the hipster traveller”, one who strays from the traditional tourist areas in search of alternative entertainment and culture, activities only the locals normally enjoy.

These preferences show the traveller’s need to be different, searching for an exclusive, personal holiday, where they can blend the need to disconnect from the daily grind with the desire to delve into the destination by volunteering, collaborating or finding sustainable proposals.

3.0 travellers

No matter the chosen destination, the tourists of the near future will be hyper connected and will have masses of information at their disposal to plan their trip down to the smallest detail, at times without even needing to plan ahead, now they can plan as they go, finding new options, activities and destinations as their trip transpires. The mobile becomes a GPS guide, providing those who prefer alternative routes with freedom and safety.

And we can add to these trends and destinations that are on the rise the tourists that are fans of wellness tourism, whether local or international, looking for quality tourism, using their free time to pamper themselves and relax.

Whether you fit the profile of a new traveller or a more classic one, what is certain is that you are already thinking about your next holiday.




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