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Google’s latest move: removing side bar advertising


1 March 2016 at 18:59, by

google-adwordsFor some days now, the world of SEM (search engine marketing) is all shook up.  Nearly all those who manage their advertising campaigns using AdWords have seen how things are going to be rather more complicated in the immediate future, as the all-powerful Google has decided to restructure their search engine results page.

Until just a few days ago, when a search was made, the result page included up to 11 advertisers: 3 adverts at the top of the page (just above the organic results) and 8 on the side bar. Since the end of last year, Google have been doing some tests, and, from now on, have decided to remove the side bar adverts and only show 4 advertisers on the top. On certain occasions, there will be between 1 and 3 adverts below the natural SEO results.

This new measure has already been applied worldwide in all languages. The empty space left by the side advertising will be used to promote other Google products and services.

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As a direct result, an increase is forecast on the adverts’ cost per click. As the space will be reduced, AdWords campaign managers will need to adjust their bids to avoid their adverts being published at the bottom of the page, or not being published at all.

Added to this is a great challenge for the hotel sector, alongside this change, Google is progressively attaching  more importance to the Hotel Price ads service, the old Hotel Finder. When faced with generic searches, the search engine will include this service among the 4 top adverts and the organic results, providing them with great visibility and relegating SEO organic positioning even lower.

According to one of the SEM reference blogs, a Google source has confirmed that this new interface will display when enquires have a clearly commercial intention.  On the other hand, position specialists are commenting on the social media, that Google is attempting to unify user experience when it comes to making computer searches or searches on mobile devices.

We will remain alert so we can keep you informed of what transpires.



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