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How to create a successful SEM campaign for your hotel?


6 May 2016 at 16:00, by


To increase sales a hotelier must increase visits to the hotel’s own website and even more so after the changes Google made to its results page at the end of February this year, these have been discussed in previous posts.

On the one hand a large amount of visits means a lot of potential clients are visiting the website, on the other hand this benefits the website’s organic position. The basic elements needed to generate visits to a website are keywords and adverts included in SEM campaigns. They must be as relevant and interesting as possible, standing out from the competition.

These campaigns must be optimized by constantly analysing the searches and terms users type in. The first basic step is to select a list of effective keywords that accurately represent the features and services the hotel has to offer. Advertiser’s most used tool is the Google Adwords keyword planner.


When it comes to selecting our key words, we must put ourselves in our client’s shoes and think what users interested in staying in our hotel would search for, then simulate a search related to the service we want to promote. Once we have selected the language and country we want to reach, the Planner provides us with a list of terms related to our search, together with how many times each word has been searched for in the last 30 days.


We need to choose the most relevant and searched for words, using them to create precise, targeted campaigns. Of course, we now know that users are going to look for the words we have selected. Apart from the key words, the campaigns also need interesting and attractive adverts. Therefore, we need to include in them everything that makes our hotel different: the location, quality of the installations, etc. Remember, no intermediary can sell a hotel better than its owner.


Including the rates and offers available on our website will help create refined, original adverts. This will encourage users to visit the website, increasing the traffic. So, we have good adverts, relevant keywords; the puzzle is nearly complete. Now we just need to optimise and follow the campaigns. Google AdWords provides us the most and the least searched for terms.


If we analyse this list regularly we can select ideas for key words and pick out the ones that are no good. It is important to include negative keywords in our campaigns so we avoid displaying the advert for irrelevant searches or non related searches, this way we will only attract the most appropriate traffic. To increase the reach of your hotel and traffic to the website, we can also consider promoting it’s added value, for example:

  • adult only hotel
  • city centre hotel
  • spa hotel
  • family hotel
  • hotel parking

These key words will help us show up in different searches and attract more traffic to our website. With just one action we can increase traffic to our hotel’s website and help the hotel become more well-known. In summary, the essential ingredients to attract traffic to our website are:

  • Choose good keywords
  • Write attractive and relevant adverts
  • Optimize constantly by analysing search terms
  • Promote the hotel’s added values


Idiso is much more than a technological service provider. Our mission is to provide real value to our clients. We want to become THE GLOBAL HOTEL SALES PARTNER, helping hoteliers sell more and better thanks to our 360º distribution and marketing solutions.

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