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Everything you need to know about retargeting (Part 1)


15 June 2016 at 13:00, by

VEU1RODNF5If you aim to increase direct sales and improve market relations with the clients who visit your website, retargeting is an essential tool.

Let’s start at the beginning:

1. Retargeting: Concept

The footprint clients and users leave when visiting a hotel website can be traced. If we use tools to get to know them better, we can increase our website’s conversion rate.00
The goal of retargeting is to recuperate as many visits as possible from users who visited the hotel’s website but left it at some point during the booking process, and encourage them to book through the website.
Retargeting lets us display adverts to users who have already visited our website or mobile app, they will see relevant advertising as they browse the web, use mobile apps or launch Google searches.
These will be displayed for as long as the company is willing to pay. The idea is to show the client the advert until they book.

2. Retargeting: How It works 

You can trace users by adding a retargeting pixel in certain parts of or throughout the whole website.
When a user visits the pages that have a pixel, this is linked with the user, who is then added to what we call an audience, this way, when they check out other websites and networks, where the hotel has bought retargeting adverts, they will see your adverts.
If someone from your audience makes a purchase, you can then tag them with a burn pixel, and remove them from the audience. You can also decide to add different pixels if you want to show those who have already made a purchase alternative adverts. Basically, you can add different pixel sequences depending on your aim.
You can also control the websites where your adverts will appear on the Display networks, you can decide to not display the advert on certain websites that haven’t shown good results previously, or that are simply sites you are not interested in. Ultimately, you control who sees your advert and who doesn’t.

3. Let’s analyse the different types of Retargeting.

There are different types of retargeting, the most well-known and popular ones are known as Site Retargeting and Dynamic retargeting. Social retargeting is now gaining more strength all the time. Let’s look into them:

Site Retargeting
The most well-known style of retargeting. When we visit a website, this places a cookie in our browser, and from then on we can start to see adverts from that company while we browse the internet.

Dynamic retargeting
A variation based on e-commerce, this type automates the creation of adverts to entice each client with the product that they have showed interest in. It is a technique used by Amazon and hotel booking and travel websites among others.

Social Retargeting
Retargeting isn’t just about websites, it is also a way of segmenting on Facebook and Twitter, as these offer the chance to segment their advertising platforms through tracking pixels. When an advertiser creates a campaign on these platforms he can add a fragment of code to their website (a tracking pixel), so when the user accesses the social networks, after visiting the website, they will see the campaign advert. It works the same as site retargeting, the only difference is, that instead of showing the adverts on the traditional Display networks, they are displayed on Facebook or Twitter.

Email Retargeting
We can use this to increase conversion rates from newsletters and marketing campaigns. We will add a cookie to the browser when the email is opened (as long as it is not in Outlook or an app) and we can then remind them later through our advert, just like with Site Retargeting.

CRM Retargeting
Involves buying email lists with massive cookie pools, made available by the platform. For many users there is just an email address, but they already have the platforms’ cookie in their browser, so they can receive advertising without having visited the site. Very useful for winning old clients back.

Search Retargeting
Involves sending advertisements to users according to their searches. This means that we may even steal clients from the competition that attracted the client in the first place, they may never have gone to our site when searching on Google or Yahoo.


The last two types can only be offered by companies who have agreements with search engines and a massive amount of users and cookies..

Don’t miss the next article, I will be discussing the goals of Retargeting and analysing how it can help increase the effectiveness through all the phases of your direct channel sales funnel..

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