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«Mobiles, virtual reality and big data; our immediate future»


6 February 2017 at 12:36, by

The latest edition of FITUR became the perfect setting for Javier Silvester, Idiso’s CEO, to discuss the innovations introduced at the fair as well as his own vision of the immediate future for the hotel sector, in an interview with TecnoHotel, he also reviewed the main values and tools that Idiso avail themselves of to provide extra value for their clients. An interesting interview that you can read here:


What innovations has Idiso introduced at Fitur?

We have used Fitur to introduce our new Brand positioning. This new brand is not just about a different design, there is a whole new philosophy behind the change. The ampersand symbolises the union and commitment we have with our partners; clients, employees and providers. This commitment is reflected in our new mission to become The Global Hotels Sales Partner. We want to go beyond just pure technology. Today even hotel distribution technology has become a commodity, so we must be able to provide extra value to our clients. There is no point offering powerful, robust and functional technology, if it doesn’t help our hotelier clients sell more and better and provide better financial results.

What does a hotel need to do then to obtain better financial results with the means that are presently available?

For this new mission, we have had to restructure the whole business. Creating two critical areas that are fundamental for our raison d’etre. On the one hand Idiso Digital, based on a consultancy service, that analyses the hotel or hotel chain’s present situation in the distribution channels, forecasting where they could be in three years’ time. On top of that, offering a whole series of services related to digital marketing or digital publicity: remarketing, retargeting, programmed purchasing, allocation models. Tools that aim to improve efficiency and profitability of any digital marketing investments. And we know that these days the consumer is digital, so this is essential. What’s more, digital natives are only native, you must play in their field.

On the other hand, innovation. Innovation, for us, means seeing what the world sees, thinking as it thinks and doing what no one else does. In this area, we are searching for tools and processes that provide extra value to the client, as I mentioned before. We aspire for the perfect combination between Idiso Innovation and Idiso Digital through Revenue Management, through information management, through external hotel data bases that are based on the PMS. Also, though external databases that combine and provide more information to hotel management so they can make better decisions. And as I was saying, all this helps us reach our goal, that the hotel sells more and better and improves results.

In your opinion, what difficulties do hoteliers this day and age face, do they understand what is being said?

It is not a question of concepts or what is being said, rather of abilities. We must think that the world of hotel distribution has changed a lot in the last ten years, that the profiles of human resources that work in the hotels have changed too. Today we are looking for another kind of profile. That is maybe why small to medium hotels and hotel chains don’t make the necessary changes. But that is also where we come in, to fill those gaps, we can even train their existing human resource departments so that they can go on to take on this responsibility in the future.

And have hoteliers in general taken on board these digital concepts?

Hoteliers understand. Most them have evolved dramatically in the last five years with everything related to the digital world. We don’t see any reticence. I think all hoteliers, even very vacational chains and those run by tour operators have realised that if they don’t invest in direct sales, and have an active presence in the digital world (because the client wants to see them) they can compromise their medium and long term future.

What do you envisage for the near future in the technological sphere?

Without a doubt, mobility is already revolutionising everything. Mobile phones, virtual reality and the use of Big Data to design a one to one digital marketing policy, are three fundamental areas that will evolve over the coming years.

As a matter of fact, the FiturtechY presentations have clearly shown, regarding Big Data, that it is not enough to just collate user data, the real challenge is to discern what information is useful and apply it to improve the customer’s experience. What proposals does your company have in this area?

The information we use for all the services we offer within Idiso Digital, programmed purchasing, remarketing, comes from Big Data, obtaining it, applying it, mixing it with different data bases, different clients, identifying the best possible way the objective client for the hotel in question.

And what results have your efforts had?

We are very happy with the growth we have experimented. Last year was significant for our strategic plan 2016-18, to consolidate the creation and training concepts and to start to offer our clients this new model. We are very happy as we have consolidated and closed the year with better results than the previous year. And the forecast for 2017, when it comes to our client base, is one of significant growth. We are consolidating our leadership in hotel distribution in this county and Latin America.



Idiso is much more than a technological service provider. Our mission is to provide real value to our clients. We want to become THE GLOBAL HOTEL SALES PARTNER, helping hoteliers sell more and better thanks to our 360º distribution and marketing solutions.

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