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Making the most of Micro-Moments and Dayparting (II)


18 April 2017 at 10:09, by

Last week, in the first part of the article, we defined and analysed the concepts of micro moments and dayparting, showing how they influence potential hotel clients. In this second part, we will discuss how to make the most of these phenomena and what essential factors are needed to make the most profit.

Hotel activity as well as the actions and strategies implemented are traditionally divided by season, the typical high season and low season, but if we pay attention to the more exhaustive data from hotel searches and reservations carried out through the year we reach some interesting conclusions. The main issue is that it is convenient for the hotel industry to divide the 24 hours of a day into seasons, in which the aim is to detect when micro moments occur and concentrate strategic actions during these spaces in time. Ultimately, remembering that the hours of the day can have as much relevance for your hotel as the days of the year.

Mobile devices dominate during certain hours, mainly those outside work hours, which is a considerable amount of time if we take weekends into account. Therefore, it clearly comes across that we need to be prepared to attend potential clients properly at those times.

Knowing the importance at the moment, as well as the potential growth, of phenomena such as micro moments and their influence on mobile bookings, it is time to determine which are the main factors that we feel at Idiso are essential to make the best profit for your hotel:

  • Make sure your hotel has a presence throughout the day on mobile devices. When users access the Internet to make a booking they expect to find a quick answer. Therefore, it is best to elaborate budgets that cover all relevant demand throughout the day. Make the most of search patterns, detect when micro moments take place and take tactical action with the aim of securing bookings. In other words, help the client satisfy their need when it arises and be present throughout the whole process, providing essential information, making the booking process easier.
  • Create a responsive website. To enforce the plan we have come up with, we must have a website that adapts to mobile devices, a fundamental element to understanding the importance of micro-moments, this means an intuitive and attractive mobile site, providing an unbeatable browsing experience for our guests. And remember, Google rewards websites that are properly adapted to mobile devices in its new index, so achieving a better position on search engines depends on it.
  • Be able to react to the immediacy. It is essential to adapt your booking engine to mobile devices, not just the website, but the whole booking process must be easy to navigate, fluid and intuitive, making the booking process as short as possible.
  • Be useful and relevant to the client. The main tool for this point involves generating useful and relevant content. It is essential to include quality information in your website, helping your client to decide, content based on your knowledge of what guests ask for, in other words you must anticipate their needs. Information about transport, services, excursions, activities, etc. It is important that your content be coherent so search engines reward you with a privileged position, right where your potential clients can see you.

These factors are fundamental if we want to generate the most bookings and profit possible by using micro moments.

We have incorporated a new business area to Idiso, Idiso Digital, your specialised Digital Marketing department, that we use to increase your sales through the online channels. Idiso Digital is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals in the Performance Marketing, Digital Data Marketing and Program Marketing fields, all focused on optimising your hotel’s conversion rates.



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